Why Harry Potter 6 Was Really Delayed

Haha, I needed a good laugh!
"There are a lot of rumors circulating about why the film release of Half-Blood Prince was delayed. The truth is, it has nothing to do with business concerns or uneasiness over Daniel Radcliffe’s other projects"
EXCLUSIVE! Read the new alterations being to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Spring Clean (in Autumn)

My computer was suffering really bad from having only 3GB left on its HD. So I burned about 6 DVDs of MP3s, torrents, downloaded util setups etc... 6 DVDs!! I freed up about 20 GB, which is awesome, plus while hunting around for DVDs to do the job, I found a spindle with about 25 blanks! And about 50 blank CDRs!! Nice! Then I decided to sort out my domain, its been hanging around for nearly a decade, with one page as the index.htm that I created in about 2002. No matter what I uploaded to the FTP server, the web-site itself still showed this old fecking page. So I WHOIS'd myself, and found out who is hosting it, I faxed them a request for the latest FTP details, and I got a call back within 12 hours - nice!!
The best thing is - I have never paid a penny for this domain! It was a "gift" from when I did a work placement with a web development team. The company had dissolved, and passed on my hosting package, and I never heard a dickie bird. Don't ask, don't get. I could of sorted that out YEARS ago.
I looked around the various folders, and a webstat log told me I had IIS 5.0 installed on there - SWEET! I had just uninstalled Visual Studio 2005 as part of my HD space reaping task, and suddenly I needed it back! Dammit. A quick look on MSDN told me there was a Visual Studio 2008, so I have now torrent'd that and installed it.
I wonder though, does it really need to take up 2.5 GB? And the accompanying "documentation", MDSN Library, another 2GB. And it's not like its improving either. When I installed VS 6.0 years ago, it was only about 1-1.5GB, not including the MSDN install, only because I couldn't find it.
I would love to use Macromedia, or something less commercial, but I love ASP. I am now trying to accustom myself to ASP.net and all the frills. Bore me later.


A law unto themselves

Have you ever seen the likes of this? Some chancer actually got paid for putting out this twaddle. I wouldn't mind so much, but surely the people in charge of msn.co.uk front page would notice the glaring errors. A blind man on a galloping horse in the middle of the night would notice. I might get sued for pinching this image and using it in my shiny new blog. I couldn't give a fiddler's fart, companies need to hire graphic designers with at least a vague grasp of the English language.